Welcome to Capitalize, the movement seeking to empower the NJ constituency to rise up, on the foundations of Conservative American Values in order to drive NJ to prosperity for all.

Our Mission is to reinvigorate American Exceptionalism. The United States of America is unlike any other nation on Earth. Our history of perseverance; evolving from a land found for the purpose of refuge from persecution, learning to harness power as a defender, graduating ultimately to being the beacon of liberty.


Affirmation of the Declaration of Independence & upholding the Constitution as our founding document.

  • We believe the Constitution was written not as a flexible document, but as our enduring covenant.
  • We believe that political freedom, economic freedom are indivisible.
  • We believe our constitutional system — LIMITED government, separation of powers, federalism, and most importantly, the rights of the PEOPLE. The people are the ultimate resource, not the government. The People are the best stewards of our country’s God given- natural resources.

As Americans and as Republicans we wish for peace, so we insist on strength.

The Republican Party counts on those principles. We seek to make America safe. We embrace the nuclear family structure. We seek friendships that enhance and broaden the opportunity to experience and learn from new cultures.

We have the opportunity to recognize the evil, and corruption which extends its detrimental values and policies over our states’ constituents best ambitions.

This platform is an invitation to join the Capitalize movement.
Help New Jersey transcend into a state of opportunity, safety, prosperity, and strength.”

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